Bloody Chronicles Act1 – IF MODE “Kaoru”

Bloody Chronicles Act1
IF MODE "Kaoru" R18

Kaoru IF MODE, tell an alternative story to the events of
Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death.

Discover the fate of Kazuki's relationship with Kaoru after
the Phantom case.
Will her father accept him?
What about the successor of the Moriyama Company?

Our first part of "IF MODE" gives you an additional 6 hours of storyline, covered in beautiful Illustrations made by Hai and Tom Uehara.

DLC will be available in two versions.
All-Age and R18 that will include sexual content.

Bloody Chronicles Original Soundtrack

『Bloody Chronicles (ブラッディ クロニクルズ)』

『Bloody Chronicles (ブラッディ クロニクルズ)』のオリジナルサウンドトラックです。

We present Bloody Chronicles Original Soundtrack that begins with the openings created by Sara Matsumoto (Riverside)

26 musical pieces created by two Japanese composers Nishiki Haruka & Andy Hiroyuki, which blend in perfectly with the world of Bloody Chronicles

01. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka 【Full Version 】
主題歌:「混沌の海 ~死すは怒りか魂か~」
歌唱:Sara Matsumoto (Riverside)
作詞 作曲 編曲:Cororo (Riverside)
ギター:Snowman (Riverside)
02. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka 【Nomas】
03. Konton no Umi@`Shisu wa Ikari ka Tamashii ka 【Game Version 】
04. Squad
05. Black Coffee
06. Bright moon
07. Rendezvous
08. Yukidoke
09. Junction
10. Lovely Smile 
11. Tea Time
12. Daily Stroll
13. Cat’s Tail
14. Sweet Potato
15. Sunny Day
16. Speakeasy
17. My Understanding Secretary
18. Detective Tradition
19. Search
20. Crisis
21. Riot
22. Trick
23. Abyss
24. Creeping Shadow
25. Sign of Death
26. Avenge
27. Hidamari
28. Yokaze
29. To Each Road